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New styles from Josef Seibel and Romika

21. march 2017
New styles from Josef Seibel and Romika
New footwear styles from popular German shoe brands Josef Seibel and Romika. 
Josef Seibel - one of Europe's longest established shoe manufacturers producing shoes since 1886. The company has remained in the family and is now in its fourth generation. Built to the highest quality, Seibel shoes offer the highest level of comfort for all day, every day wear.
Romika- Romika is an important part of the Jose Seibel Group. ROMIKA shoes are made of exclusive high quality materials. New technology and a large capacity for innovation allow to stay up-to-date. 
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Josef Seibel



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Kr. Valdemara street 38, Riga, Latvia
Phone: +371 67276876
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